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Certainly in today's modern world many people like to use electronic media ( text, e-mail, ect.) to communicate and even order products on-line.  We still believe that good old human intervention and personal contact still goes a long way!  We would prefer and URGE you to pick up a telephone and call us with your questions and concerns.  Many companies don't even list a telephone number because they don't want to be bothered.  Proudly we do not feel that way and have ZERO problems answering your questions over the telephone.  Also, please note that you cannot place orders online for a very sound reason!!!.  There are far too many variables with our products and most people left alone would be picking out the WRONG product for their intended use.  We DO NOT want you to get stuck with something ( s ) you can't use and we don't want it back either.  Once again we URGE you to call us directly and we would be glad and honored to help YOU!
FAX: -  732-914-9444
21 Dugan Lane
Toms River, New Jersey 08755
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